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Letters written by John McTurk Gibson
  Subject(s) of letter
09 May 1859 Written to his family in Marengo, Iowa upon crossing into Nebraska Territory at Plattsmouth on his overland journey to the California gold fields

Letters written by his sister, Agnes,
to his daughter, Agnes (Gibson) Hoppe

  Subject(s) of letter
29 Jul 1882 blindness, death of cousin
31 Mar 1883 Rodenhead, Cransland, Aunt Logan Barqenoch
20 Mar 1885 Noel Bishop, Lamsole, Carslon, Hood, Logan
3 May 1886 Aunt Murray Careston(?), Aunt Hood, Jane Logan
29 May 1891 John McT.'s illness, death of daughter
8 Jul 1892 gifts sent to sisters, money from John McT.'s estate
22 Apr 1893 move to Kansas farm, aunt in 85th year
30 Jul 1893 bad crops, Mrs. Gibson's health
16 Oct 1893 church, John and James Gibson
2 Oct 1894 mother's sister died at 88
9 Sep 1896 in her 73rd year
23 Sep 1897 in her 74th year
28 Sep 1898 all is well, waiting to hear back

Published: 26-Apr-2004