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Index of Gravestones

GravestonePosted date
Alley, Abigail6/7/98
Harnsberger, Jane6/7/98
Harnsberger, Wesley6/7/98
Thompson, Alice6/11/12
Thompson, Gertrude6/11/12
Thompson, Hannah6/11/12
Thompson, Joseph6/11/12
Thompson, Mary6/11/12
Thompson, Philip6/11/12
Thompson, Ruth6/11/12
Willows, Charles6/11/12
Willows, Charles E.6/11/12
Willows, Ernest Thompson6/11/12
Willows, Evelina Louisa6/11/12
Willows, Evelyn6/11/12
Willows, Joseph Thompson6/11/12
Willows, Kate Louisa6/11/12
Willows, Mary (Thompson)6/11/12
Wordsworth, Hannah (Thompson)6/11/12
Wordsworth, John6/11/12

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Published by Weldon Hoppe
2 May 1998

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