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Transcription - Front
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File No. Last Name Army Serial No. First name and Initials Cablegram No.
112865 REEVES 2781462 Alfred V. 568

California Organization 91st Div.
Cause of Death Date of Death
Private Company B, 361st Infantry Died of Wounds Received in Action 10/9/1918

Date of Burial Place of Burial—Unconfirmed Cemetery

File No. D
Place of Burial—Confirmed Cemetery
22297 Isolated grave, Cmme of Exermont, Ardennes, 35 N. E.
E303.4 N282.24  

File No. D
Disinterred and Reburied: Date  Cemetery 1232 

Emergency Address Mrs. Laura Reeves, (Mother), 183 Chattanooga St., San Fransisco, Calif., Single Sailed June 4, 1930 - America Notified Emergency Address

R.B. Sketch No.
Photograph No.

Grave Marker Name Peg
Head Board
Ident. Tag Buried with body
On grave marker

Remarks: W.A. Reeves (Father) 183 Chattanooga St., San Francisco, Calif. Sheet - 108  

Permanent Burial in Foreign Cemetery
Cemetery:  Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery
10 Row:   43 Block:   E
Authority File No. D:  22341
Reburied (date):  11/3/1926
E/A notified (date):  1/27/1927
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