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Mainshill, Barskimming, Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland
29th July 1882

Dear Niece,

Your kind letter came to hand in due time & was glad to hear from you & also glad to hear of you all being well & in good circumstance. You were wanting to know if I was entirely blind. One of my eyes is entirely gone but I see a little with the other and I can manage the garden myself. There is no person staying with me but tell father to keep his mind easy about me as if I was in difficulty I would let him know. Only I miss my mother's company very much, but I have good neighbours which is a good thing. Tell father that I am sorry to inform him that his cousin who wrote him of mother's death died suddenly about a fortnight ago. All our other friends are well so far as I know. We have very wet weather in Scotland this season but the crops are looking well. Dear niece don't be long in writing as I am so happy to hear from you & of your welfare and let me know how in your ? how John and Minnie is. And in conclusion I must thank both you and your husband kindly in inviting me there to stay with you. But as I am comfortable and happy here I can't think of going so long a journey at least for the present. Kind love to father and mother, sisters and brothers, and specially to you and your husband, and believe me to be your loving Aunt,

Agnes Gibson

Published: 26-Apr-2004