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Mainshill, Mauchline
23rd Sept. 1897

My Dear Niece,

I received your kind letter in the month of May. I was glad to hear that you were all in the land of the living & the place of hope. I see you have had a little turn of sickness but are all better again & that you have got another little baby girl [Anna Margaret Hoppe, 6 Mar 1897]. I hope she continues to do well with you. I was proud to hear that the boys are such good workers. They will be a great help to you. I see your crops have not been very good last year. I hope they may be better this year. My garden has not done very well this season either. I had a small quantity of fruit, I am busy raising my potatoes there is a great deal of disease amongst them but we ought to be thankful for what is preserved to us. These things are all sent to teach us lessons & I hope they may be sanctified to us. I am thankful to say that my health is pretty good at present. Remember me to all your brothers & sisters when you see or write to any of them & your mother also & tell them their old Aunt is still living. I am in my 74th year, so you see I am getting old. Remember me to you husband & all your little ones with kindest wishes for you all & your dear self. Believe me your affectionate Aunt

Agnes Gibson

P.S. Please let me know how things have fared with you this year when you have time.

Published: 26-Apr-2004