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Beneath that shallow smile, the devil lurks
R________ act like whetstones while he works.
One skilled to lead a hazardous defense,
Where speech and eye appeal to every sense
Nine-tenths his make-up nothing but pretense.


Fling out your starry banners in triumph to the breeze,
At last your peerless city has found the magic keys,
Inlaid with gold that open the avenues of trade.
Railroads from every quarter, within the next decade,
Bright as the star of Bethlehem, your forestry proudly soar
Up till you reach the Zenith,
Ready to raise a bonus, and help investers through.
Yours is the fairest city, that dots the "Little Blue."


Hot headed had he half of Hanchett's hair
A lesser light might warm a judges chair
More apt evading than enforcing laws
By bold chicanery subterfuge and flaws
Each move he makes secures to him a pawn
Lets justice lag, when laws loose lines are drawn.

Van Dorsen

Vain of his talents though a little green,
An able youngster of a pleasing mien
No featherweight although a tyro still
Devoid of show, possessing force and skill,
One of the few who studies as he goes,
Retaining facts, discarding all side shows.
Should fortunes favors gild his rising star,
Events may hoist his talents up to par
No briefless bum but foremost at the bar.

Published: 26-Apr-2004