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Breakers Ahead

Convention and Caucus those time saving tools
Are purposely packed by the ___ many schools
And are skillfully used to bamboozle the fools.

Some Colonel or Mayor, some pinch of a thing
Aspires for an office, then ring-ting-a-ling
The blind willing dupe of some organized ring
The bell-wethers jingle, the wire-workers pull
The party whip cracks, and ________ rule
____ back on his _____, and eats like a fool
The press becomes prostitute, truth flies away
They ____ the column, they blindly obey
The dictates of party and scribble for pay.

But let a mechanic or farmer but try
At once he's denounced and blackballed _____
Some bulldog gives mouth then ___ whelp joins the cry
And he's hounded to death by the ____ and small fry
The bankers and lawyers the shysters and cheats
The church and saloon with their bigots and beats
The ____ of the ____, the ____ of the streets
____, ___ and ____ in their efforts to quench
Truth _____ and right from the pulpit and bench
Mid a deluge of fraud of corruption and stench.

Election comes on and their deadheads pale then
With _____ and _____ ___ with his __ ___ few
By ____ of ____ and of whiskey and you.

Go ____ your fetters, still vote for this class
By G_d you deserve to be handed "en masse"
With the badge of the serf and the ____ of ____
Then ____ while you think of old ______ _____

The ____ of extortion, the pride of the purse
The ____ of the _____ darker and worse
Are _____ as a blessing instead of a curse
But why are those sins so denounce in God's word
By the Priesthood so steadily _____ or _____
The ____ is plain and may well be deplored
Pluck chickens most high in the house of the Lord.

Published: 26-Apr-2004