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Burnside and Gibson

Come here for your shingles, your lathe and your lime
Your scantling and fencing and boards,
Your doors and your windows, we warrant them prime
The best that the market affords.

We have coal and cement and plaster and hair
At prices to suit you I hope
And paints of all colors, selected with care
And brick that ain't made of soft soap.

We are down to hard pass, come see how its done
For greenbacks silver or gold
Old Mack is on hand with his jokes and his fun
And he cannot be undersold.

But if you want credit -- we don't care to bid,
No use in attempting too big
Our stock is exhausted -- it cannot be did
You must get it of Barns and Grigg.

And while we are at it, we hazard the news
To those who have slightly forgot
That if they don't settle their backhanded dues,
We'll make it unpleasantly hot.

Then down to Gibson's rush pell mell
And see his lumber dry.
By jingo he can cheaper sell
Than other firms can buy.

Note: Gibson had become a partner in a lumber yard at Alexandria with Mr. Burnside

Published: 26-Apr-2004