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Duncan Kier

Tune -- Duncan Gray Came Here to Woo

Duncan Kier has got the "Bug"
Little did she swither O.
Mary thocht his mittle "Slug,"
All a sham together O.
Now she's got a bairdly lad
Ane already prov'd a "Dad,"
Oh! the cunning little "Jade"
Waling oot anither O.

Wow! but she's a cheery lass
Always blithe and hearty O.
Duncan loved her -- but his glass
Better far, my arty O.
Mary saw him drinking deep
Sair she sigh'd but didna weep
Quite resolv'd tae tak the "Leap,"
Ere she turn'd on Thirty O.

Duncan gambled, Duncan drank
Oh the cursed Nappy O.
Still he pledg'd her as he sank
In anither Drappie O.
Duncan's courting ran ahin --
Sandy steppit in his shoon
Mary wasna ill tae win
Soon she'll be quite happy O.

Duncan hasna heard the news
Little is he dreading O
Or he'd pawn his Shirt and Trews
Drinking down the Wedding O.
Duncan is a roving Blade
Sandy's cards have well been play'd
Mary soon will be nae Maid
Merry be the Bedding O.

Published: 26-Apr-2004