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Farewell to Kyle

Farewell! Oh! my Country farewell to the Kyle
Where rosy lipp'd love in her zenith of grace
Constrain'd me long since with a sweet-winning smile,
To breathe my fond hopes in my Marcy's embrace.
Our hearts like young tendrils in infancy twinn'd
Unfolded in concert new charms as they grew
The spring-tide of love ____ a balm o'er the ___d
For pure were our thoughts and our bosoms bent true.

Ah! Well I remember when last we met there
The Mavis piped clear in yon wood-tangled den
The hazel and sloe yielded gifts to my fair
And the Kyle murmur'd sweet thro' its deep furrow'd glen
The Alder-tree clasp'd in its wide-spreading arms
A tender young sapling that bent o'er the stream
So clung I to Marcy, and gaz'd on her charms
That moment was rapture all since but a dream.

For Death's freezing hand struck the chill to her heart
And blasted my hopes in the midst of their bloom
Now widow'd and worn, from my house I depart,
And sigh for her worth while I weep o'er her tomb
Oh where shall I fly from the groanings of Grief
Or find a sweet solace to soften my pain
Can Time, Place or Change furnish aught of relief
Oh no, doubly keen will the canker remain.

The Pine-tree and Orange, the Maple and Cane
May sigh in the breeze and respond to my wail
But sick-ey'd Reflection shall evermore drain
The tears that were shed in my own native vale
And should I once more weary, weak and forlorn
Revisit these scenes in Old Scotia's Isle,
Oh search me a spot-'neath the shade of yon thorns
And bury me there on the banks of the Kyle.

Published: 26-Apr-2004