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The Grant Boom

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Around the world and back again,
At your expense and mine,
Old Grant the king of silent men
Receives receptions fine
For our mishaps and minor ills
He doesn't care a d--n
For all his big and little bills
Are squared by Uncle Sam.

And now he takes Havanna in
This gallant son of _______
A strategic move to win
A lot of prime cigars,
Jamaica too lays on his route
They might as well succumb,
And let their Mayor measure out
A year's supply of rum.

Then he can drink and smoke at will,
Dead-heading as he goes
And at a distance watch until
The third term bugle blows,
Then right-about and countermarch
Mark what the programme means
A grand parade -- a royal arch,
While landing at Orleans.

Then through the South with lightning speed,
The thing is cut and dried
To raise a "boom" and then proceed
To take it at the tide.
The grasping magnates of the rail,
The soulless money kings
The _______ yelps on his trail,
And all the whiskey rings.

The thieves and tricksters of the past
For power official pant.
And see perspectively at last
Their only chance is Grant.
A solid south pronounced for Gold
Will swell his cut throat ranks.
The only issue sharp and bold
Is greenbacks versus Banks.

Now shall the few or many rule
Which side is bound to win?
Just leave them at the vestibule
Both clawing to get in.

Published: 26-Apr-2004