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Last Call

No longer I'm able to wait
And now I'm appealing to you
It took all I raised to pay freight
And my mortgage is fast coming due
My horses are down with the pink-eye
The scab has got into my sheep
My colts are too lousy to die
And my mules are just able to creep.
Hog -- cholera -- yes for a fact
Ne'er a grunter, in all my pig pen
My roosters all powerless to act --
And the weasels and wolves got my hen
The chintz bugs have gobbled my wheat
The hail got away with my corn,
I have nothing but pigweeds to eat
I'm busted as sure as you're born.
The frost got a lien on my rye
The rust has played hell with my oats,
A luckless poor devil am I,
And I must have the cash on those notes.

Published: 26-Apr-2004