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The Ochiltree Belles

Ye rovin' youths ye rantin' lads,
Aye blithesome, kind, and free,
Select a Partner for yoursels,
A lass frae Ochiltree.

If ye're content wi what ye hae,
An' can a house supply,
Then live nae mair a Bachelor,
But come your wa's an' try.

We like to see a gallant lad,
A dacent handsome chiel,
In wit and wisdom thoroughbred
That tells his story well.

We're fu' o' sport, we're fu' o' fun,
We're bonny, and wise braw
A blessing on the lucky chiel
That can our fancy shaw.

We winna yield to Flattery
We'll no buy wi' your gear,
And ye wha trust to shining gowd,
Will find the market dear.

We'll gang and come in pounds and pence,
An' ye mann dae the same,
But scant o' blunt, an' scarce o' sense,
Ye'd better bide at hame.

For ae sax months at least tae come
We'll a' be at the Wheel,
An' hae the blankets ready-made
For some true-hearted chiel.

Published: 26-Apr-2004