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"When the Devil finds a man idle, he generally sets him to work," so in order to get rid of his sooty Majesty, I have commenced transcribing the following bugatelles, without any regard whatever to order of date just jotting them down as they happen to flit across my mind, and having no copies to go by; but depending solely upon memory they may differ materially from the originals, more particularly so, because whenever my memory slips, I take right hold and cobble up the intervue with whatever comes uppermost and as they have all been strung together solely for my own amusement in my leisure moments, I can't see how I can be under any obligation to apologize to my post mortem readers for their preservation when it is understood at the commencement that they are here gathered together not because of my intrinsic merit but simply because they are my own.

Published: 26-Apr-2004