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What wonderful shapes are cut out with the sheers
Dear me how the fashions are chang'd with the years
I mind since the Domini cut was the "Go"
A model complete for the elegant Beau
The jib of a weaver came next into vogue
And surely out rival'd the poor pedagogue
It shone for a season but ____ at last
To the crook of the plough and the harrow ____ cast
No more of the ____ tile a mason ____ down
With his head in a flam from a neighb'ring town
His heart kindled next and soon to his brain
But the goddess was fickle - his vows were in vain
And now she's secured to the tail of an ass
Bedazzled with trappings bought ____ed with crass
Harrah! Bring the lariat to Mr. Long, Esq.
New Quirkum ____ sing when the next one appears.

jib - one's appearance, style, or manner
pedagogue - schoolteacher, educator

Published: 26-Apr-2004