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The Republican Record

Published in the Fairbury Clipper August 1878

We've gone and repealed the Income Tax
Because it was hard on the poor;
And then we played H-l with the greenbacks,
In trying our "currency cure."
Two kinds of money for wallets and bags;
Here wisdom with justice we join;
For all of our bonds we'll pay in "rags,"
Our soldiers we'll pay in "coin."
Our Party is what we are proud of,
We never get sick of her praise;
Were it not for the war and our "record"
We never could "holler" for Hayes.

Our silver once current for dues,
So largely increased since the war.
We crippled and flung to the "Jews,"
To redeem our five-twenties at par
We hurried along the Resumption Act,
No wonder the people are glad
It may not be known, although it's a fact,
We swindle the bondholders bad.
The hand writing points to our downfall,
No doubt we'll be turned out to graze,
But while we have strength left to crawl,
We'll paw and we'll bellow for Hayes.

We're not in the pay of the monied men,
We cannot be bought nor be sold.
We get but a present now and then
When we kite up the price of gold.
The salary grab with pride we view,
We point to the back-pay-steal
The Credit-Mobiler swindle too,
And oh! How enthused we feel.
We'll live and die Republicans,
We never can alter our ways
We'll take a "hair of the dog that bites,"
And shout (while we're stealing) for Hayes.

No species of Class-Legislation
Can ever be laid at our door;
We've cared for this people and nation,
As never did party before.
Go back to our record, we dare you to search,
We never were guilty - Oh no!
The eagle we only tore down from his perch
And filled up its place with a crow;
Starvation and ruin, remorse and despair,
May land us in H-ls hottest blaze,
Our bellies go empty, our buttocks go bare,
But we'll stick to the party and Hayes.

-John Blunt

Published: 26-Apr-2004