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Letter from England

A letter from Hannah Wordsworth, sister of Thomas Thompson:

The back is postmarked:
DEC 23 8 PM 1902

Dec 10th 1902
6 Priory Glen

My dear Matie

I was very glad to hear from you. I always enjoy reading your nice, kind letters. I was truly sorry to hear that neither you nor your dear husband were in very good health but I do hope if please God you will both get well and strong. I do sympathize very much with you in the loss of your dear little baby. You know where to find it. [There] angels do always behold the face of God. How sweet to think of that and also to know that our heavenly father can not err. I am pretty well for one. You see I have left my old home all the friends thought I should be better out of the valley. My dearest love to you both and to sister Mary. I shall write shortly to Ethel if I can.

Your loving Aunt


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Published by Weldon Hoppe
2 May 1998

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