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Pontefract and Castleford Express, Pontefract, Yorkshire, England. 16 Mar 1908


A link with Pontefract Wesleyanism has been broken by the death of Mrs. Hannah Wordsworth of Priory Glen, Pontefract, which took place on Monday (9 Mar 1908) The deceased was the estimable widow of Mr. John Wordsworth and a member of one of the town’s best-known and most respected families. She was in her 85th year, and had been in failing health for some time. Since her husband’s death about seven years ago, she lead a very quiet life. She was a daughter of the late Jos. Thmpson of Womersley, and had lived in Pontefract since 1870. Her husband’s connection with the Horsefair Wesleyan Church is well-known, and her interest in the cause was equally deep althugh naturally not as active. She was a member and a regular attender for a great many years. She was also connected with the sewing meetings and other church organizationss. During Mr. Wordsworth’s lifetime at Friarwood Farm, an “open house” was kept for visiting Wesleyan ministers. In private life the deceased was kindly and charitable and she was very skilful as a nurse and it was doubtless due largely to the great attention she gave to her husband that his life was prolonged to 94 years. Mrs. Wordsworth retained her faculties to within a few days of her demise. Then she gradually yielded to the weakness of old age and passed peacefully away. Mr. and Mrs. Wordsworth had not family but they have many close relatives in Pontefract among them Messers. Thos. and Alfd. Wordswoth, Mrs. Geo. Brown, and Mr. Percy Thompson, and not very distant from the town are Mr. J. N. Wordsworth and Mrs. and Miss Thompson (wife and daughter of Hannah’s brother, Joseph). The internment took place at Pontefract Cemetery on Thursday and amongst those present were Mr. and Mrs. Percy Thompson, Ald. Wordsworth, J.P.; and Mrs. Wordworth, Mr. Alfred Wordworth, Mrs. Horner, Mr. O. Brown, J.P., and Mrs. Brown (all nephews or nieces), Messers. Hbt. and Willie Wordsworth, Miss Wordsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Winter, and Mr. H. Butler (all grand-nephews or nieces), and Mrs. Popham (London). The Rev. B.C. Baker (Supt.) Wesleyan Minister took the service.

Pontefract and Castleford Express, Pontefract, Yorkshire, England.

The Late Mrs. John Wordsworth...The death took place on Monday, at the ripe age of 84, of Mrs. Hannah Wordsworth, widow of the late Mr. John Wordsworth, who for 60 years carried on the ironmongery business now conducted by Messrs. A. and E. Wordsworth, Market Place. Deceased left Friarwood on the death of her husband some seven years ago, and has since resided at Priory Glen, where she died on Monday, from bronchitis. The interment took place at Pontefract cemetery on Thursday afternoon, the Rev. B. C. Barker officiating.

The chief mourners were: Mr. and Mrs. Percy Thompson; Ald. and Mrs. T. Wordsworth; Mr. A. Wordsworth and Mrs. Horner, and Mr. and Mrs. G. Brown (nephews and nieces), Mr. and Mrs. R P. Winter, Miss Wordworth, Messrs. W. and H. Wordworth, Miss Popham, Mr. Harold Butler and Mr. J. Moxon. Deceased was a daughter of the late Mr. Joseph Thompson, who carried on a successful business as wheelwright and farmer at Womersley.

Notes from Margaret Smith on relationships:
.....Mr. and Mrs. Percy Thompson - nephew of Hannah Thompson Wordsworth
....Alderman and Mrs. T. Wordworth - Thomas, nephew of John Wordsworth
....Mrs. Horner - Lucy, widow of Edward, who was John’s nephew, she married George Horner
....Mr. and Mrs. G. Brown - George and Mary nee’ Wordsworth, niece of John
....Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Winter - Richard Percy married Mary Nelstrop Brown, dau. of Geo. and Mary
....Miss Wordsworth
....Messrs. W. and H. Wordsworth - William and Herbert, sons of Alfred Wordworth
...Miss Popham - Annie Popham in 1901 Census, aged 46, living in Westcliff on the Sea (born Pontefract) I don’t know the connection with Hannah
....Mr. Harold Butler - husband of Florence nee’ Wordworth, Florence was the dau. of Edward W.
....Mr. J. Moxon - solicitor

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2 Apr 2006

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