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Mainshill, Mauchline, Ayrshire
31st March 1883

My Dear Niece,

Your welcome letter came to hand in due time & glad to hear of you being all well also to hear you got a little ? [John Frederick Hoppe, 3 Nov 1882].

I hope you will dedicate him to the Lord and that he will groe up a monument of grace in your dwelling.

I was pleased to hear of you all living so near your father. Quite a little colony of the Gibson Family. I thot you may all grow up as stones in Christ Jesus planted after the similitude of a palice. I am sorry I can't gratify your wish in sending you my likeness as I have no desire of taking it now. I inclose the likeness of a very kind friend which I think your father knows well and whoes death every person who knew him mournes for, his name is James Gibson, a native of Ochiltree who was brought up with his Grandmother at Rodenhead when we lived in Cransland. Be kind and give it to your father.

I am sorry to say that my eyesight is so bad that I can't write none now, but I have a kind friend in a Mr. Urquhart(?) who lives beside me who does these little things for me. And your Aunt bids me say that it was your Grandmother's wish previous to her death that I would not have to shift for your Aunt's sake.

Your father has not written me yet but you are to tell him that he is to write and that with a heavy hand so that I may read it with a little magnifying glass I have got. Tell him also that his Aunt Mrs. Logan Barqenoch died last December in her 80 year. I had Jane Logan seeing me after her mother's death. She was quite well and inquiring for you all. Tell Ida that I got the letter she sent her Grandmother after her death and that I will answer it soon. I think this is all at present. My love to your Father & Mother, you & your Husband & dear Baby, kiss him for me, and also to all your Brothers & Sisters,

and I remain your loving Aunt,
Agnes Gibson

Published: 26-Apr-2004