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April 22 1893

Dear Niece,

I received your letter in due time & was glad to hear you had got safe removed to your new farm. You had made a good bargain. I think you will be comfortable for life. So you are a long way from your sisters & brother but you have your husband & little ones to comfort you. I think he must be a very pushing fellow. I was so proud to hear the school was so near for the little ones. Have you any place of worship that you can go to. I was not very strong in the spring but I was able to do my garden. I have got it all done. We had a very early wet time this year. There is a great appearance of fruit this year. My old Aunt & my Mother's only sister that is living, she is in her 85 year, she is very frail, but able to step about. I go to see her sometimes, her husband is in his 89 year & stepping about. I entered my 70 year in December last so you see I am getting old too. Now my dear niece I have little more to say & while we are battling with the world let us not forget the soul, laying up treasure in heaven where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt nor thieves break through & steal. Remember me to your husband & your little ones & may God bless you all, both with spiritual & temporal things. Write when convenient & let me know how you are all getting on, I remain

Your loving Aunt
Agnes Gibson

Published: 26-Apr-2004