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Mainshill, Mauchline
Oct 16th 1893

My Dear Niece,

I received your kind letter in due time. I was glad to hear you were all well. I see you have got another little baby [Mabel Louise Hoppe, 24 Jan 1893]. I was proud to hear John & Charles was doing something to help Father & Mother. I see your crops has not been good this year. Perhaps they may be more abundant in another year. We had a beautiful season here & crops were abundant both corn & potatoes. My garden did very well this year & my health is pretty good. I manage to do all the work of it myself. I go to the Established Church of Scotland. I have three miles to go but I am getting old now & the long road makes me tired. We have meetings nearer home but not very often. I was proud to hear you have meetings in your schoolroom when you are so far from the church. I think the Methodist people are a good people. I would not be afraid to get the child baptised in a denomination where they profess Christ as their saviour, seeing you are so far away from the church you belong to. I was sorry to hear your mother is no better. Give her my kindest wishes when you write & say I don't forget to remember her & you all to Jesus night & morning in my prayers. The next time you write let me know what Minnie's husband does & how far they are from you. Will John & James be coming to live at their farms? It will be company for you if they do. If I am spared I will write again in the beginning of summer. I will be glad to hear from you when you find it convenient. I know you will be kept busy amongst so little ones. Remember me to your husband & all the little ones & a kiss to Baby & accept my best wishes for your welfare.

Your loving Aunt
Agnes Gibson

Published: 26-Apr-2004