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After crossing out of the States into Nebraska Territory, Gibson sent a letter home from Plattsmouth, Nebraska Territory. The following portion was published in the Marengo Iowa Weekly Visitor, May 26, 1859, page 2, upon receipt by his wife.

We are under obligations to Mrs. Gibson for the following extract, from a letter from her husband, who is on the way to Pike's Peak. The letter is dated Plattsmouth, May 9:

I am now on the other side of the Missouri river, some 250 miles from home, and have had pretty good luck so far; the roads however, were very bad, especially the first week -- one of our spotted steers gave out after leaving Fort Des Moines -- and I sold both of them for $35.00. The Cripe team overtook us some days ago, and took the road for the Bluffs, while we come here; everyone of us are in good spirits. I saw some $100.00 worth of the gold dust right from the mines; and every one here appears to think that if a man will work and mind his own business, he can make good wages. We passed through a Town yesterday, called Pacific City, almost entirely deserted -- nearly two thirds of the population having left for the mines. I often think of the folks at home, but more particularly of little Meenie -- I miss her greatly about night when she used to run and hide from me. I hope both you and her will have good health. [Mr. Gibson left behind his wife, six months pregnant, and a thirty-month old daughter, Minnie.]

Published: 26-Apr-2004