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Newsletters of the Hoppe Family Association are published for communication of news and history related to friends and family of the Association. The first newsletter was published in 1993 to announce the 40th Annual Hoppe Family Reunion to be held in Fairbury, Nebraska in celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the emigration of the Fred and Sophie Hoppe family from Bantorf, Hannover, Germany to Jefferson County, Nebraska.

Issue 10 July 1999

Issue 9 July 1998

Issue 8 June 1997

  • Featured Family -- Geo. & Sophie Sellenrick (picture)
  • Reunion Notes
  • From the Editor
  • Obituaries of Herbert & Eleanor (Chiarnza) Sellenrick (pictures)
  • Obituary of Edwin H. Hoppe (pictures)
  • Notes From All Over... (correspondence from the cousins)
  • Genealogy and address list updates

Issue 7 May 1996

  • Announcement of formation of the Hoppe Family Association
  • Hoppe descendants at 1995 Hoppe Family Reunion (picture)
  • Announcement of 1996 Reunion
  • Obituary of Sidney W. Lowe
  • Henry Hoppe letters (pictures)
  • Genealogy and address list updates

Issue 6 July 1995

  • Last Will & Testament of Heinrich Frederick (Fred) Christian Hoppe
  • Attendees at the 1994 Reunion (picture)
  • Announcement of 1995 Reunion
  • Research of German Hoppe ancestry
  • Genealogy of Hoppes from Bantorf
  • Genealogy and address list updates

Issue 5 March 1995

  • Expansion of focus of newsletter from descendants of immigrant Hoppes to include all descendants of Hoppes from Bantorf, Hannover, Germany (Harms Julius Hoppe 1728-1817)
  • Feature article on Engel Sophie Eleanora Meier, immigrant mother (picture)
  • Death of Emilie Hoppe
  • "German Immigrant Wife Heroine to Pioneers of Jansen, Plymouth," Fairbury Tribune, 16 Jan 1967, by Dick Mezzy. Article featuring Sophie Hoppe as midwife in Jefferson County.
  • Descendant chart of Bantorf Hoppes
  • List of Newsletter recipients
  • Genealogy and address list updates

Issue 4 December 1994

  • Obituaries of Arthur and Alma (Sellenrick) Zellner
  • Reprint of article "A Perfect Team," The Kansas City Star, 4 Dec 1994
  • Announcement of 1995 Reunion
  • Feature article on Emilie Hoppe, granddaughter of immigrant Hoppes (picture)
  • Greetings from Hoppes of Germany and New York

Issue 3 August 1994

  • Write-up of the results of the 40th Annual Reunion
  • Attendance list
  • Sale of T-Shirts and History books prepared for the 40th Anuual Reunion

Issue 2 June 1994

  • Schedule of events for the 1994 Reunion
  • Picture of SS Deutschland, immigration ship of Hoppe family - 1869
  • Picture of Engel Sophie Eleanora (Meier) Hoppe, immigrant mother
  • Descendant chart of Hermann Heinrich August Hoppe & Engel Marie Dorothee Stege, parents of immigrant Heinrich Friedrich (Fred) Christian Hoppe

Issue 1 October 1993

  • Announcement of 40th Annual Hoppe Family Reunion

Updated: 9 July 1999

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